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Hurricane Window Incentives and Benefits

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$500 Off Your Purchase

30% Energy Tax Credit

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Save 30%, when you upgrade to hurricane windows

Universal Loan Approval

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How Hurricane Windows Protect Your Home

When facing the fury of a hurricane, one of the most important concerns is protecting your home from the wind, rain, and flying debris. Traditional windows are often the weakest point of a structure, shattering easily and allowing the elements to wreak havoc inside. This is where hurricane windows come in as a crucial layer of defense.

Hurricane Affects

Strength Against Wind and Pressure

Hurricane windows are engineered to withstand extreme wind speeds, often exceeding 200 mph. They’re built with reinforced frames made from heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl, able to resist the immense pressure exerted by a hurricane’s eye wall.

Impact Resistance

Unlike regular glass, hurricane windows use laminated glass. This means two panes of glass are bonded together with a strong, flexible polymer interlayer. Even if the outer pane cracks or breaks, the interlayer holds the fragments together, preventing them from shattering and creating dangerous projectiles.

hurricane Window Installation

 Additional Savings on Hurricane Windows

Lower Insurance Premiums:

Insurance companies recognize the added security that hurricane windows provide. Many offer discounted premiums for homes equipped with these windows, often ranging up to 30% or even higher. This discount can translate to significant savings over the lifespan of your windows, potentially offsetting a portion of the initial investment.

Reduced Energy Costs:

Don’t compromise on comfort or safety. Double pane hurricane windows combine the ultimate in storm protection with exceptional energy efficiency. Their innovative design featuring thick, laminated glass and advanced glazing systems creates a powerful insulating barrier, reducing heat transfer significantly. This translates to lower energy bills, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars every year while keeping your home cozy and cool in any weather.

Enhanced Home Value:

Homes with hurricane windows are generally considered more desirable in hurricane-prone areas. The added peace of mind and protection they offer can increase your home’s market value when it comes time to sell. Studies have shown that homes with hurricane windows can sell for up to 5% more than comparable homes without them.

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